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Compare game server hosting prices

CompareGameHosting was not the first price comparison site for game server hosting. It was however the first that wasn't built as a funnel to drive sales to a particular game server hosting company. After gaining the experience ourselves running a provider we then sold it and built this price comparison site using our knowledge of the industry. The helpful articles and content on the site is a reflection of what we learned during our time as a GSP.

Many hosts have come and gone from the site over the years but the best have stuck around. We learnt over time that providers can quickly change the way they work, both for the better and worse. Our job was to essentially police these companies and keep an eye on them. This is what keeps CompareGameHosting the leading price comparison site for game servers.

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A fast & visual way to advertise and search for game servers

A problem that affects millions of gamer's worldwide is the perils of the game server list. The built in systems that plague the process of finding game servers to join are usually slow and non-descriptive.

Our solution is a lot more visual (using banners) and faster thanks to the use of Ajax and Caching. The lists are updated every 5 minutes and are accesible to everyone, whether you are searching for or trying to advertise a game server.

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Dedicated Minecraft server hosting

Using our vast knowledge of game hosting we felt the time was right to get back into providing the service ourselves. Using a dedicated Minecraft hosting brand to do it we set about crafting the ultimate service to ensure that we can monitor the experiences first hand.

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Our Team

To achieve everything we have over the years we needed to bring together the skills of many people. With each person focussing on what they do best we have managed to create the ultimate team.

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Alex Booth

(Technical Director)

If its online and its doing something then Alex was probably responsible for it. He is also responsible for the mass of content (such as the useful guides on CompareGameHosting) that exists across our network of game server websites.

Joshua Davey Picture

Joshua Davey

(UX & Design)

If it looks good and is a breeze to use then Joshua is going to be behind its development. With his vast knowledge of gaming through the last 20+ years his mark can be seen in the high quality descriptions of games.

Jack Johnson Picture

Jock Johnson

(Server Management & Support)

His helpful and friendly nature paired up with a deep technical knowledge of game servers makes Jack the perfect person to put in charge of our hosting provider. He has been known to go above and beyond the call of duty with helping customers out into the early hours of the morning.

Jack has had over 5 years experience managing game servers both professionally and as a hobby. If a problem arises he possesses the godly power to sort issues out faster than most people can understand what is causing them.

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