Gaming Companions

The world's leading game server hosting marketing company


Our Features

We are number one marketing company in the game server hosting industry.

Social Marketing

We use Social marketing such as Facebook advertising to supply leads for our customers.

Lead Generation

We have supplied over 100,000 leads and counting across the game server hosting industry.

Game Server Hosting

We offer a number of game server hosting services via so we better understand the industry.

Responsive Design

All our sites our fully responsive so we can generate leads via Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

Who are we?

Gaming companions started in early 2015 when two Friends in Marketing/Web Development came up with the great idea to create a better way to find the best server hosting companies around for gamers as this was something they had seen was a problem in the past. was started in April 2015 and continues to be worked on today by a close team of Designers, Developers and SEO experts.

Compare Game Hosting simply compares all of the top server hosting companies in the gaming industry and ranks them based on performance, price and rating in order to help gamers make the right choice when it comes to picking a server host for their game of choice.

The site has now been running for over a year and has served well over 500,000 users and gamers and have supplied over 100,000 leads across the gaming industry for games such as ARK:Survival Evolved and Minecraft.

Companies we deal with

Gaming Companions our proud to work with a number of the leading gaming and server hosting companies around the world.


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Host Havoc

A profesional Candian owned server hosting company that offers quality game servers around the world.

Survival Servers

A game server hosting company that has been offering survival game hosting for the last 7 years.


One of the UK's leading game server hosts that has a wide range of server locations.

Streamline Servers

An Australian Host that offers affordable server hosting.


A Premium Minecraft server hosting that offers a wide range of Minecraft Packages.